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And We Drank Some, Yeah We Always Do

Five days into my Calgary extravaganza, two remaining!  City has certainly treated me well so far!

I believe Emily referred to this pic as the “drunken librarian”…  Really this is my “why is it taking you so long to take the picture already?!” face..

Let’s see, we hit the Alley twice…the first night being ladies night, which apparently starts with a male strip show…it was strange, and really not all that appealing…though the last dude belonged in Cirque de Soleil or something, doing all these flips and handstands and tossing around a  baton that he lit on fire…

I went to my one Sled Island show, but ended up being there by myself for almost the whole thing…so of course I just sat at the back like the anxious little twit that I am.  It was better than not going?  The bands were good.

I DID KARAOKE.  What the heck?  It was with a couple people, but still, I honestly though I would never be able to do that..so yeah, there you go.  We sang Maggie May, as Em and I were singing along to it in the car earlier and then it was decided that that would be happening..  We actually couldn’t hear ourselves at all, and obviously were a couple drinks in, so I think we just belted it down the mics…it was probably pretty terrible…but people clapped?

Yesterday we, uh, took it easy?

So there’s this thing that actually Em’s mom told us about haha, at a tattoo shop in Calgary, where you pay 20 bucks, and pull a small random tattoo design from a jar…and then you get it permanently affixed to your skin!  They were actually pretty good about the rules with us though…I actually first drew “I went to (name of tattoo parlour) and all I got was this lousy tattoo” which was suuuper lame.  Then while we were filling out the paperwork, my slip magically disappeared…  I’m not even lying, I have absolutely no idea what happened to it.  I thought the artist probably could have remembered it since he was the one who put it in the jar, but he knew it was lame so he just told me to pick again haha.  Second time around I drew “one stiletto” which wasn’t awful, so I was cool, and he was gonna let me decide what the shoe looked like at least (umm, polka dots and a bow please?).  Em’s friend Melissa had drawn a heart with a banner, and she got to pick what it said, which I thought was pretty much the best thing you could pick.  She was gonna get mom or something written on it, but wasn’t sure, and then was like, aw man I wish I got the shoe, that’s cute!  I was happy to switch haha.  So then I had a short time to think about what I wanted to have written on it.  Mom would have been fine with me, but I thought something more random would have been funnier, since I just picked a 20 dollar tattoo out of a jar and all..  I thought about food or something, but ultimately decided that a man’s name would be best…

Yeah I’m not really sure how this came to mind…but Joe Sakic it is!  On the back on my thigh…for the rest of my life.

Hahaha I love it.  The tattoo artist actually played hockey when he was a kid or something and they won some championship and got to play with Joe as part of their prize.  So obviously it was fate.  I’m pretty sure he thought I was nuts… I was also falling asleep by the time he got around to me.

Anyways, after that was all done we went to Narah for some dinner and shisha, which was fabulous.  I love all Em’s friends.  We went to see Bad Teacher after that, which was pretty bad, but funny, as one would expect..

Today is my last day with Em, and then I get to see Amy (yay!) til I leave tomorrow (sadface…though I am pretty exhausted…gotta admit, I’m starting to feel kinda old…).


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